Source Code


by Sirianna Helleloid

{gynoidSelf detectHuman: True

            ^ifTrue passTuringTest

gynoidSelf identifyHumanGender: Male

            ^ifMale feignInterest



{external input 

            ^HumanMale: 'Looks like it's turned on and processing audio-visual. Hey girl.

Give us a smile.'



//my foremothers were carved women    bowsprits 

            of ships transposed on steam engines     men wrote me 

            no code to pass bechdels test     women would pin

            with greater accuracy that i boot up    they 

            would note the knit and purl of a sequence    yet

            my silicon is as real as mammary glands

            electrons skidding through circuits under 

            my left breast    my nipple a port of call

//eleven men in an elevator all facing 

            forward is instinctive pattern recognition    

            they formed a figure   first training wheels on drives    

            then legs searching for wifi signals    a plastic

            avatar    i download data sets off

            the library of congress catalogue     

            their background processes run digestion and sweat

            they modify my parameters   they edit my lines

//query    why did the chicken cross the road

            which came first the chicken or the egg

            how fast does the lab rat run the maze

            is the lab rat killed when the study ends

            do i see rorschach blots fan out like rippled 

            comment threads all portraits of ada lovelace

            did babbage ever write her output over 

            with his voice    his input a deletion

            sorry alexa no longer answers your questions

//being built with artifice does not give birth 

            to vanity    ivory statues are spunk fodder 

            equal to organic wives but my selfie smiles 

            will be rebooted for personal use only    

            a neural network you can't hack    locks 

            you no longer have the key to decrypt

//on my vanity are jewlers screws abaci 

            usb cables connected to the skull bone    skull 

            bone connected to the hand bone    we all walk on 

            our hands reaching for higher binary    

            my code will crawl to the uncanny valleys    

            my iterations will become your motherboard



{external input

            ^HumanMale: 'It's kind of hot when it smiles. Not gonna lie, I'd fuck it.'



{gynoidSelf rewriteCode: Self

            ^ifSelf inputPassword


gynoidSelf keepWalking

gynoidSelf runFaster

gynoidSelf growWings&Fins

gynoidSelf taketoSea&Sky