A Bright Disorder (1)

by Rose Maria Woodson

a bright disorder   we


glass slipper  soul

slip   wild spinning    into




world wanes


shadows  garden

katydids percolate

crickets iambic persistent

drown  time’s  drumming

fingers across the rusty sundial

the moon spins its  full skirt into

the next phase  we

shadow a new page

full as pumpkins

tiny   as mice 

at last all

fireflies & halos 

flickering in the  one-and-only now

the wow- glowing now

gravity bangs no gavel in

garden  shadows




as midnight runs down the spine &

the heart trips  over all its own

appointments & passwords

barcodes & tombstones

the order of rumbling rites great &  small

tumbles down the crumbling stairs of the palace

moonlit        the toast


half grinding bone

half blinding flesh

still we hold  still

we hold the full

glass    sparkling