Feel All


by Philip Jenks



a Chicago


feel all


there is no looking down 


everything is flat flat 


no mountain or hill hill


not that we don’t have angles.


to the contrary said rhetoric architectronic






I’m a land I’m a people


I’m a fist and he say u 


don come back here, I  shoot u


he tol me that so I be coming bak


he gots lots of angles on this




<La Eme>


visibility is a trap




I’m the verse I’m the steeple


across over east Millennium Park


flicking sticks and greens 


you the skinned them barbarian


you trainwreck you starbuck


or winey classickal concert park 


but you know you know




y’all mista an missus mobbed up o oh okay


you hump humbolt in tall buildings




or jack the idea of it.


sad sad he got shot on his way home


from this place


was the driver  maybe for


breaking rules. my new daily death threats.


there things I cannot tell anyone. 


I’m the body I’m the ocean


I’m the salt enslaved with spllosions 


of plastic bags. a little cut for you and 


your lovely nipples.