issue 2.1



Natalie Shapero
      [What Will She Go As?
      [Ten What]
Jason Bredle
     [Black Diamond]
     [Red Light Green Light]
Donna Vorreyer
     [What I Do in August]
     [This Being the Usual Signal]
David Trinidad
     [No More Blurbs]
     [I called Eileen]
Jennifer Moore
     [Instructions for Conchita Cintrón,1933]
     [Lines Written on the Back of a Tooth]
     [And Did It All Go]
John Gallaher
     [The Whole of Harmonium]
     [If You’re Happy I’m Happy]
Kristy Bowen
     [house of beautiful drownings]
     [house of open wounds]
Philip Jenks
     [Feel All]
     [For the first time as I]