issue 1.1

Simone Muench
     [This Is the Hour of Lead]
     [This Is the Hour of Ice]
Simone Muench & Dean Rader
     [This is for the woman with one black wing]
     [Now let us go back to the stunning]
Hadara Bar-Nadav
Nathan Hoks
     [Hole of Affinity]
     [Inner Sentry of Affinity]
Rethabile Masilo
     [Cape Town]
     [Living Room]
Kenyatta Rogers
     [Elements to Consider When Writing a Black Poem]
Catherine Blauvelt 
     [Ode to Gravity]
     [Some Swan Headless Moves Into the Sun]
Jason Koo
     [from Break of Day, the Great City: II, IX, X]
Mary Biddinger
     [Risk Management, Memo: Community Outreach]
     [Minor Ghosts]