Bot · tom—


by Aaron Delee



(bot–um) n. 1. The base esp. in the unmade bed after sunset; as in the wobble of a bent-out-of-shape and worn bottom.  2.  The root, dug deep after being seeded, as of a lily or fling; usually believed to be gendered feminine: this stake, this underpinning of predominance; this stem of budding and butting against imbricate burdens; this pocket, this picket to keep everything from slipping away, this verbal object of subjection, etymologically coming from the Old English  botm  for strong, masculine, representing every man giving it up.  3. Anatomically, a rabbit hole exposed once abandoned; wide enough for a hand to be lost in the core; where one sinks into as if it were quicksand: the more movement made the more one slakes; where it is discovered that the one above is the one behind, that the bottom is the one in command.